Muscle Response Testing

I use a bio-feedback technique in my nutritional consulting with people called Muscle Response Testing (MRT). It’s based on the fact that when Jesus designed all matter, including our bodies, He did so out of atoms.

An atom is an electrical unit, actually–a nucleus with electrons buzzing about it generating electricity….bio-electricity. Your body is like a big flashlight battery…you’re generating bio-electricity. Thus your heart beats. Thus your brain can send and receive signals from throughout the system, and from outside itself. Cool, ey? Indeed.

Anyhow, as a practitioner of MRT, we can use your body as its own battery tester to identify what’s strong or weak in the system, then identify what sorts of nutritional supplements might have the right bio-electric signature to help strengthen what’s weak. They, too, like all matter, are made of atoms and thus vibrating with bio-electric energy.

In the same way one can test to see how various food and drink substances impact the bio-electric energy of he body.
Thus when you come to see me in my office I’m dealing with the physics of your body.

Acupuncture and chiropractic flow from the same science, as do the EKG machines in the ER at the local hospital where if you were having a heart attack they’d hook you up to the machine and measure the bio-electric energy of your heart. An MRI machine where you can pick of energy from all parts of the body flows from this same underlying physics.

It’s really a fun and useful tool, is MRT. Everything that is, is vibrating, has its own bio-electric signature, and thus has a potential impact on the energy of your body. I have folks bring with them any foods they might be wondering about, supplements, toiletries, and medications. As to the meds I can’t (and never do) tell a person not to take something they’ve been prescribed, but we can see how it’s impacting their system.

Anyhow, that’s all I do. That’s my tool. And when I chat with you via a phone consultation, I’m gathering info on the pattern of compromise in your system, then giving you suggestions based upon a track record of decades of using the tool to identify and then strengthen what’s nutritionally out of balance in bodies.

One of my great passions in all this is the continual pursuit of finding things readily available to you on the market that will help to address each nutritional need in your system.

I don’t pay any attention to studies and articles and marketing hype….I simply get stuff and test it on in-house clients. In my office the body is always the boss. This approach always answers a ton of questions.

For instance, commonly honey of all kinds tests as weakening the body, although if you’d like to bring in your own, let’s test it. Soy products commonly test well. Iodized salt doesn’t strengthen a weak thyroid, but in fact weakens a strong one. Gluten is only a problem when the body is depleted in essential fatty acids. The list goes on….,

Dave Frahm, Naturopath/Nutritionist
Ridin’ shotgun with the Lord

Author: Dave Frahm

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  1. Michele Doran says:

    My son has been diagnosed with arthritis of the tendons. He is currently taking Humira, but he is not in remission and can’t string two good days together. I would be interested in a consultation regarding his condition. He is open to trying anything that will reduce his pain. Many of your articles keep sense. My son keeps trying different supplements, but I think he needs a comprehensive plan. Not sure how you treat online when it sounds like you need certain diagnostics tools that are only in your office.

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