Essential Fatty Acids Deficiency – Symptoms Inventory

What are they?

The word “essential” is used descriptively to designate nutrients that the body can’t manufacture from other nutrients, but require in order to maintain health…so must get from one’s diet.

Essential fatty acids, then, are certain kinds of fats that the body can not manufacture, but must acquire.

What do EFA’s do in the Body?

-Aid in conducting bio-electric energy via the nervous system
-Necessary for proper brain development and function
-Essential for producing new cells, and repairing old ones
-Required for production of hormones, protons, prostaglandins (hormone-like regulators of various body processes), and neurotransmitters
-Essential for skin, nail, and hair health
-Vital for heart and circulatory health
-Essential for the health of every cell in the body

So, what happens when these are depleted?
Symptoms Inventory

*Allergies to…

*Bleeding gums

*Brittle fingernails

*Eye problems
-Gritty feeling in eyes

*Female problems
-Decreased fertility
-Fibrocystic breasts
-Ovarian cysts
-Prolonged menstrual bleeding

*Hair problems
-Alopecia (patchy hair loss)
-Hair Loss
-Split ends
-Unmanageable patches of hair


*Heart-Circulatory problems
-Abnormal clotting
-Hardening of the arteries
-High blood pressure
-Heart attack

*Immune system problems
-Increased susceptibility to infection
-Increased susceptibility to cancer
-Multiple Sclerosis
-Rheumatoid Arthritis

*Lips constantly chapped

*Mental problems
-Attention Deficit Disorder
-Manic Depressive Syndrome
-Memory loss

*Metabolic problems
-Alcohol intolerance
-Diarrhea (chronic)
-Dryness of mouth/throat (especially when speaking)
-Food and other allergies
-Growth impairment
-Insulin resistance (diabetes)
-Irritable bowels
-Lack of tearing and saliva production
-Unexplained weight loss

*Muscle-Skeletal problems


*Prostate enlargement

*Respiratory problems

*Ringing in ears (tinnitus)

*Skin problems
-Bruising easily
-Dry, rough, or flaky
-Dry, scaly patches on face or nose
-Dryness or cracks behind the ears
-Enlarged facial pores
-Poor wound healing

*Slow recovery from exercise

*Tingling in arms and legs

*Urinary problems
-Bladder infections
-Kidney problems

What depletes EFA’s?


*Anti-inflammatory drugs

*Cholesterol-lowering drugs

*Hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated oils
-Coffee creamer (non-dairy)

*Refined grains


*Sun (We need sunshine daily, but extended exposure does deplete the body of EFA’s)

*”Unfriendly” Sweeteners
-Aspartame (NutraSweet
-Brown Sugar
-Corn Syrup
-Date sugar
-Florida Crystals
-High fructose corn syrup

What supplies essential fatty acids?

-Flaxseed oil
-Black currant oil
-Fish oil

Food sources…
-Fish (Salmon is best choice)
-Grains (whole)
-Soy products



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