Digestion — Symptoms of Inadequate Production of Stomach Acid (Hydrochloric Acid)

What does hydrochloric acid do in the body?

*Produced by the stomach as the primary agent for breaking apart and absorption of proteins and fats
*Necessary for proper digestion and assimilation of vitamins and minerals

Symptoms Inventory
*Digestion—Elimination Problems
-Bloating, belching, and gas immediately after meals
-Burning sensation in stomach
-Constipation (or darrhea)
-Food allergies (leaky gut)
-Fatigue, weakness
-General poor nutritional health
-Heartburn and indigestion
-Intestinal parasites
-Iron deficiency
-Itching around the rectum
-Nausea after taking supplements
-Protein deficiency
-Undigested food in stool
-Yeast infections (Candida)..and abnormal intestinal flora

*Fingernail problems
-Cracked / Peeling ‘Vertical lines or Ridges
-Weak nails

*Skin problems
-Dilated blood vessels in cheeks and most of non-alcoholics

What hinders the production of hydrochloric acid?
The adrenals tell the stomach to produce acid. Whatever taxes the adrenals will impact stomach acid production. Adrenals are first responders to all forms of stress (emotional, dietary, environmental, physical, etc.) I’ve not seen a client in 25 years who didn’t at first need to attend to the support of their adrenals.

Additional Information
*9 out of 10 adult Americans aren’t making enough hydrochloric aid. The symptoms of not enough are what we tend to consider as signs of too much.
*Antacids may give immediate relief by forcing the stomach to pass the undigested foods off into the intestinal tract, but this doesn’t rectify the problem of low stomach acid.

In fact, problems escalate—constipation, leaky gut, yeast and parasite infections, food allergies, chronic fatigue, over-taxed immune system, etc.
*A good supply of stomach acid is the first line of defense against parasite infections.

Conditions related to Long term under-production of HCL:
-Addison’s Disease
-Autoimmune disorers
-Celiac Disease
-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
-Diabetes Melitus
-Gallbladder Disease
-Grave’s Disease
-Hyper and Hypothyroidism
-Myasthenia Gravis
-Pernicious Anemia
-Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Sjogren’s Syndrome
-Vitiligo (loss of skin pigmentation)

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  1. Hello Dave, I am very interested in this as I have had GERD for a very long time

  2. Jill Dyke says:

    I have a gluten intolerance and wheat allergy. I would love to eat it again if possible. I have low thyroid and fibromyalgia and other problems.

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