Dave Frahm – Naturopath/Nutritionist

Helping people with their nutritional health. In His Service for The Body.

Billions of $ are wasted by folks doing guess work about nutritional supplements. They know neither what is specifically nutritionally weak and out of balance in their bodies, nor what specific supplement(s) address those needs. I help answer both questions.

Biography: Education, Association, Experience, Authorship:

*Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) (Trinity College of Natural Health)…see explanation below
*Master Herbalist (MH) (Trinity College of Natural Health
*Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC) (Trinity College of Natural Health)

*The National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals

*HealthQuarters Ministries (1991-2013)
*Frahm Health Solutions (2013-present)

A Cancer Battle Plan (Tarcher/Putnam)
A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook (Tarcher/Putnam)
Healthy Habits (Tarcher/Putnam)
Reclaim Your Health (Tarcher/Putnam)
Raw, Raw, Raw
How To Be Your Own Best Nutritionist: Don’t Guess, Muscle Test
The Breast Cancer Pattern

Licensing Status In The State of Colorado:

Because of the way the new law governing Naturopathic Doctors here in Colorado has been written (House Bill 13-1111), my education does not qualify me to be licensed, certified, or registered by the state as a Naturopathic Doctor.  Only those who attended Naturopathic medical schools can be licensed.  My training was in historical/traditional naturopathy…which is entirely non-medical.

That said, according to Senate Bill 13-215 I am free to continue helping people as I always have (nutritional consulting), but I can’t use the ND designation that I earned from Trinity, nor refer to myself as a doctor.

Dave Frahm
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