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Sulphur – You Simply Won’t Believe How Important It Is!

“Here is an essential nutrient that no one sees as being that. We don’t learn anything about sulfur in medical school. Sulfur has been the…

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She dragged her tired body into my office that day, the “F” word written all over her countenance. “My medical doctor says I have fibromyalgia,”…

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Muscle Response Testing

I use a bio-feedback technique in my nutritional consulting with people called Muscle Response Testing (MRT). It’s based on the fact that when Jesus designed…

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Weak Thyroid — Symptoms

What does the thyroid do in the body? *Controls metabolism (Makes two hormones (T4 and T3) which run the energy production of every cell in…

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Estrogen Dominance -Symptoms

Q: What happens when you’re no longer making sufficient progesterone to balance your estrogen? A: Women’s bodies produce two primary hormones–estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen is…

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Purchasing Things Via Amazon?

Thank you for doing so via my Affiliate Link. Step 1: Clicking on my Affiliation Link ( opens to KyoGreen. Doesn’t mean you’re ordering KyoGreen…

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Adrenals: Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms Inventory

What do the adrenals do in the body? The adrenals produce many of the body’s most important hormones–cortisone, cortisol, aldosterone, andostenedione, DHEA, adrenaline–also called epinephrine–norepinephrine,…

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Yeast Overgrowth – Symptoms Inventory

Yeast overgrowth is one of the most prevalent, yet unrecognized, conditions of modern man. One in three Americans is suffering from it at any given…

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Sleep: 12 Tips That May Help

1) Darkness There is deep in the middle of your brain a thing known as your pineal gland. As darkness descends, it produces a hormone…

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