Purchasing Things Via Amazon?

Thank you for doing so via my Affiliate Link.

Step 1: Clicking on my Affiliation Link (amzn.to/25YUVsF) opens to KyoGreen. Doesn’t mean you’re ordering KyoGreen unless you put it in your cart. (You’ll also find this affiliation link listed near the bottom of the intro on my FB page under Bio)

Step 2: Type into search line whatever you wish, then add to cart. (You can order anything that Amazon carries—from tambourines to toilet seats—not just supplements.)

Step 3: When you go to check out, their computer will gather your own acct information.

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from your qualifying purchases.)

Author: Dave Frahm

1 thought on “Purchasing Things Via Amazon?

  1. Sherrie Golden-Beil says:

    Hi Dave,
    Read 2 of you books, had a Consult, back in 2013 when I was diagnosed w/Estrogen Dominant BC.
    So, now Estrogen, nor Progesterone are showing up in Bloodtest & I’ve been diagnosed with BC again.
    I asked my local NP WHY? If I understood correctly, She says it doesn’t mean I have no Estrogen or Progesterone, it just means I have no excess, in the bloodstream? Do u agree with that? What are your thoughts?
    Also, what Adrenal Brand & Progesterone Brand(s) do u recommend so I can order thru your Amazon link?
    Is there a way, I can set my app to automatically open to your Amazon link? When we order other items, on Amazon, I assume h would get those commissions, too? If so I need to give my Sister your link. She’s the Amazon queen, lol
    Blessings to you!

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